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"You're About To Discover HOW Over

20,000 People From 85 Different Nationalities

 In 43 Countries Have Used The Power & Magic

Of Entertraining To Boost Their Productivity & Results And How YOU Can Do The Same!"


"If you want to boost your company results, the last thing you want to do

is hire a training organization that

 uses the "Canned Training" "Cookie Cutter" approach..."


That'll simply not work!

You need an organization to partner up with you and deliver trainings that are tailor made to your working environment, market condition, culture and that can understand what are your business goals, so they can translate all these information into outstanding learning experiences that will propel your organization to the next level!


Here's how we approach corporate training:



 Pre-Seminar Research


The first step in working with your organization may be to spend time understanding the nature, functions and challenges facing your business. Therefore two weeks prior to the day of training , our facilitator will visit your office, for a training intake and if required administer a Team Development Inventory survey. This intake will allow us to establish a baseline for your team dynamics and allow us insight into what aspects of your team's development need to be emphasized. Personal one-on-one dialogue with the participants will further reveal any areas that require concentration. The facilitator can then customize your training based on your organization's needs.



The Corporate Seminar


All of the Entertraining Seminars are Consultative and Participative, this means simply that; we're not there to "tell your organization what to do", in the contrary we will guide you in the process of using every single resource already available in your organization to improve the business process.

  • We will create an environment in which problems at the office may be discussed objectively.

  • We will help you understand your team and it's dynamics.

  • We will help your team members get to know each other in a more personal way.

  • We will help you establish an environment of friendship and camaraderie.

  • We will facilitate brainstorming sessions to bring the best out of every employee.

  • We will lift the spirit of your organization by getting everyone to learn and have fun.

  • We will make each individual THINK in levels that they did not know they could.

  • We will uncover possibilities that previously were unthinkable.

  • We will include elements of motivation and self-motivation.

  • We will help participants grow in a professional and personal level.

  • We will challenge people to grow and take responsibility for their growth.

  • We will teach your organization the difference between change and progress

        And much more...




Eight to ten weeks following the Seminar, our facilitator may return to your place of work to follow up with your management team and determine if any in-house follow-up sessions would prove beneficial. Results from the three interventions will be summarized and analyzed, and the write-up delivered to the work team for your records and information.

Corporate Seminars





The Creative Edge

(Creativity, Team Building)



Dynamic Skills for Success








Together Profiting From Change







The Entertrainer's Boot Camp 

(The Ultimate Train The Trainer Seminar)

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