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"Would You Like To Triple The

Effectiveness Of Training And Dramatically

Improve Your Organization's Performance

As Quickly As Possible?"


"The business enterprise has two, and

only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. It is not necessary for a business to grow bigger; but it is necessary that it constantly grow better."

                               -Peter F. Drucker


Let us "cut-right-to-the-chase" and ask you 2 simple questions:


1) How much do you remember 2 weeks, 6 months or a year after a training session?

2) If you're a manager; What's the R.O.I on your training initiatives?



If you're uncertain about the answers to the questions above, then we have very good news for you... HELP is on the way!


What if I tell you that there is a way, that your organization can save money, time and BEST OF ALL triple the effectiveness of your training initiatives?


Let's face it, training is critical for an organization's success, however many organizations find it difficult to measure the impact a training session can have in their bottom line!


How's this possible?


FACT: Employees, on average, forget 80% or more of the material they've learnt after only 24 hours!


You can start to understand WHY many training initiatives don't provide the ROI managers look for!


The main reason why people quickly forget, is because they are not enjoying themselves while learning. They've been conditioned to see education as a chore, not an enjoyable experience!


The truth is, people prefer to be entertained rather than educated!


Bottom-line: If you want to double, triple or even quadruple the effectiveness of training initiatives, people MUST enjoy themselves while learning.


Introducing: The  Entertraining Educational Technologies Success Recipe:


- First, we provide you with the greatest Education anywhere. Including proven strategies and tools you can apply immediately to transform your business or your personal life!

- Second, we mix it with  incredible Entertainment to provide the environment required for your employees to absorb all the wisdom our trainers provide!

- Third,  we will empower your staff to consistently follow through on what they've have learned to create unstoppable momentum. They'll not simply learn from one of our programmes, they'll do! They'll live, breathe, and apply the tools and strategies until they become part of who they are. This way w
e can guarantee that your training R.O.I will quickly and clearly reflect your bottom line!



Who Are We To Be TRAINING Your Organization?


Now, we could bore you with a very long list of clients, accomplishments and testimonials, but here's the ONLY thing you need to know. Very simply, we're one of the most in-demand training organization today. Why? Because we provide results!


Unlike other training organizations, our seminars, workshops and learning sessions are RESULTS oriented not TRAINING oriented!


What's the difference?


What you're NOT getting with us is what we call the 'Pretend Experts.' These are those people who go around teaching people what to do, but have never done it themselves.


All of our trainers are accomplished business people, with a sound knowledge in organizational and behavioral psychology. Exactly the kind of people YOU need to take your organization to the next level!


What's The Difference Between

Entertraining & Regular Training?


Entertraining is the most advanced teaching and learning method in use today. It's a total solution for speeding and enhancing the learning process. Based on the latest brain research, it has proven again and again to increase learning effectiveness while saving time and money in the process.

Entertraining sessions create positive learning environments that are both relaxed and stimulating. We ensure in each one of our trainings there's a total learner involvement.

We're aware that people learn best when they are totally and actively involved and take full responsibility for their own learning. That's why our seminars are activity-based rather than materials-based or presentations-based.

Instead of thinking  of a training program as a one-dish meal, we think of it as a results-driven, learner-centered smorgasbord!


We use "real-world" examples, different forms of feedback, reflection, group evaluations, and most importantly immersion.


In our training sessions,  learning takes place on many levels simultaneously (conscious and subconscious, mental and physical). We're aware that things learned in isolation are hard to remember and quick to evaporate.  That's why we know people WILL learn, remember and implement the skills they develop in the classroom!



What Is Accelerated Learning?


Entertraining Educational Technologies uses Accelerated Learning as a base for the development and execution of all their seminars.


Accelerated Learning is an umbrella term for a series of practical approaches to learning. These theories draw from a range of disciplines including: the study of aspects of brain function, theories of human attention and motivation, the psychology of optimal performance and intelligence theory.

Accelerated Learning carries with it the expectation that, when properly motivated and appropriately taught, all learners can reach a level of achievement which may currently appear beyond them. It provides a breadth of proven life-long learning skills based on an understanding of how we learn rather than what we ought to be learning.


Who Are The Biggest Influencers

Of Our Educational Technology?


The father of Accelerated Learning was undoubtedly Georgi Lozanov.


Lozanov discovered that the brain has an almost infinite potential for learning if the subconscious mind receives information in the right way. His work was treated with great skepticism at first and, in order to quantify the benefits of his method of teaching, he founded a language school and proved that his methods could deliver a 300% improvement in the speed and effectiveness of learning.

These days the term Accelerated Learning covers a whole spectrum of techniques.


Because many brilliant minds have contributed to it's development, every Accelerated Learning Practitioner often shows different brush strokes of his or her educational background. In our case,  these are the masters who've influenced us most in developing the Entertraining method.





Ned Herrmann


Ned Herrmann contribution to the universal application of brain dominance brought him worldwide recognition.  In 1992, he received the Distinguished Contribution to Human Resource Development Award from ASTD -   an honor symbolic of the significance of Ned's work.  He keynoted world conferences on Creativity, Gifted and Talented Children, Instructional Systems Design, Training & Development, Creative Management and Cerebral Dominance just in the last few years.  In 1993, he was elected President of The American Creativity Association.  Ned was inducted into the HRD Hall of Fame in February 1995 at the Training '95 Conference in Atlanta. 




Jack Canfield


Over his 30-year career, Jack Canfield has developed the specific methodology and results-oriented activities required to help participants take on greater challenges and produce breakthrough results. Jack's Ten-Step Action Plan shows exactly how to plan for and create greater achievement. In fact, it's a blueprint for living a life of expanded results, greater impact and more measurable on-the-job performance.







Howard Gardner


Howard Gardner initially formulated a list of seven intelligences. His listing was provisional. The first two are ones that have been typically valued in schools; the next three are usually associated with the arts; and the final two are what Howard Gardner called 'personal intelligences'.

Linguistic intelligence involves sensitivity to spoken and written language, the ability to learn languages, and the capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals. This intelligence includes the ability to effectively use language to express oneself rhetorically or poetically; and language as a means to remember information. Writers, poets, lawyers and speakers are among those that Howard Gardner sees as having high linguistic intelligence.

Logical-mathematical intelligence consists of the capacity to analyze problems logically, carry out mathematical operations, and investigate issues scientifically. In Howard Gardner's words, in entails the ability to detect patterns, reason deductively and think logically. This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking.

Musical intelligence involves skill in the performance, composition, and appreciation of musical patterns. It encompasses the capacity to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms. According to Howard Gardner musical intelligence runs in an almost structural parallel to linguistic intelligence.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence entails the potential of using one's whole body or parts of the body to solve problems. It is the ability to use mental abilities to coordinate bodily movements. Howard Gardner sees mental and physical activity as related.

Spatial intelligence involves the potential to recognize and use the patterns of wide space and more confined areas.

Interpersonal intelligence is concerned with the capacity to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of other people. It allows people to work effectively with others. Educators, salespeople, religious and political leaders and counsellors all need a well-developed interpersonal intelligence.

Intrapersonal intelligence entails the capacity to understand oneself, to appreciate one's feelings, fears and motivations. In Howard Gardner's view it involves having an effective working model of ourselves, and to be able to use such information to regulate our lives.


Anthony Robbins


A world authority on the psychology of leadership, Anthony Robbins believes there are two elements that can produce an extraordinary quality of life�the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. These are principles that, regardless of gender, race, religion, or financial status, create lasting results when acted upon.



Dr. Jeannete Vos


During the 1990's Dr. Jeannette Vos and Gordon Dryden write the Learning Revolution and the book  sells 7.5 million copies in 25 five weeks.  " The Learning Revolution " has really started.


Dr. Vos is best known as a preeminent demonstrator of learning/teaching methods that utilize the brain's natural mechanisms for acquiring information. An energetic and entertaining presenter, she transforms each speaking engagement, workshop and seminar into an exciting showcase of accelerative learning practices.



Steven R. Covey


Steven Covey observes:

"You have to help people find meaning and fulfillment in what they do. They don't want to be "used" by the organization. They want to have stewardship over their own resources. They want to feel that they are making a personal contribution to something meaningful. And that's when you get real motivation and fulfillment. That's when you release their potential, energy, and creative power. If you don't believe in the unseen human potential, you will only get status quo performance - business as usual."




Brian Tracy


Brian Tracy is  is an internationally known and respected authority who addresses almost half a million people each year on leadership, management, sales, personal development, strategic planning, goal-setting, time management, creativity, and other diverse topics. Brian has worked with IBM, Arthur Andersen, McDonnell Douglas and The Million Dollar Round Table to teach them is "success secrets."


Tom Peters


Fortune called Tom Peters the Ur-guru of management, and compares him to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, and H.L. Mencken.

"Tom Peters has probably done more than anyone else to shift the debate on management from the confines of boardrooms, academia, and consultancies to a broader, worldwide audience, where it has become the staple diet of the media and managers alike. Peter Drucker has written more and his ideas have withstood a longer test of time, but it is Peters�as consultant, writer, columnist, seminar lecturer, and stage performer�whose energy, style, influence, and ideas have shaped new management thinking."


"In no small part, what American corporations have become is what Peters has encouraged them to be." �The New Yorker

"Peters is ... the father of the post-modern corporation." �Los Angeles Times

"We live in a Tom Peters world." �Fortune



What Can Entertraining ETC

Do For Our Organization?


We can assist you in 3 different ways:




We will design or assist you with designing new training courses in the Entertraining modality. We'll also assist with training your trainers and getting them ready to deliver powerful programs!



We'll help you convert existing training courses  to the Entertraining modality. Offering you whatever assistance is required, so your organization will see the rewards.



We have a wide range of training courses that will literally transform your organization on the following topics:

  • Creativity

  • Change Management

  • Team Building

  • Leadership

  • Business Negotiation

  • Result Driven Time Management

  • Train The Trainer

  • Internet Marketing

(All courses can be adapted to meet your particular needs.)


To view our full training portfolio Click here.



In A Nutshell...


"When you alter the way an individual receives knowledge, you not only increase retention, but you will also change the way that information is perceived, the way it is memorized, and even the way it is eventually used."


That's why introducing attitudinal-based learning into your corporation will have a great impact in your bottom line!


Remember: No longer is it about increasing knowledge. Today the ideal is to alter the mindset of the trainee... to encourage a thirst for knowledge... to overthrow misconceptions and outdated beliefs... and to create a real desire to put new ideas into practice!


To view our full training portfolio Click here.


For further information contact us at: seminars@entertrainingetc.com

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