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"If You're Not Where You Want To Be or Your Organization Is Not Accomplishing What It Was Set Out To Accomplish...Something Has To Change.

And That 'Something'... is The Mindset!"


Discover HOW Over 30,000 People From 97 Different Nationalities Have Used

The Power & Magic Of Entertraining To Boost

Their Productivity & Results

And How YOU Can Do The Same!"

We offer Corporate Seminars and Open Seminars in a wide variety of topics including:


Internet Marketing 


Change Management




Train The Trainer


Business Negotiation

How To Make Money While

You Sleep


Marketing Secrets for Trainers and Authors

Team Building



How To Be An Outstanding Teacher


Result Driven Time Management

Emotional Intelligence


Internet Marketing


In all of our seminars, attendees are completely awestruck by the information we share.


Some frantically fill notebooks with notes. Some leave with a full game plan on how to dramatically increase- even double their business and effectiveness very quickly.


Yet, others are moved emotionally because of how powerful our events truly are!

 I'm Leaving This Seminar With
Such an Emotional Uplift!


"I've been to a lot of seminars in my life, that's why I can confidently say your "Entertraining" seminars are absolutely the BEST! The reason I say that is because not only was my brain filled...but my heart was filled.

I'm leaving this seminar with such an emotional uplift!


 -- Pedro Alvarez,
Manager ODM Design
Cadiz, Spain


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Creativity, Innovation
& Team Building


In this seminar managers, team leaders and executives together learn what it takes to promote innovation, and how to build an environment that sustains it!


This program offers a wealth of skills, techniques, and practical guidance for discovering how to turn insights and options into actions that get results.




Skills For Success
In Business


In the competitive environment where we live in we consider that the only way to propel your business into the future is by becoming more professional.

Dynamic Skills for Success™ will take you through a 2-day ‘Profound Knowledge Journey’ that will compress decades of wisdom into days.




The Extraordinary Leadership! workshop is designed to provide high-level and mid-level management in an organization with the most advanced leadership models, philosophies, and tools to increase their individual performance, and thereby improve their organizations.



Negotiation & Influence



The ability to negotiate effectively is a vital skill in business and everyday life.


Whether you want to negotiate a business deal, a pay rise - or the price of a new house or car, Mastery in Business Negotiation! shows you how to get a better deal every time - and avoid costly mistakes...




Too often in organizations, time, energy and talents are wasted on solutions that only address surface issues, and therefore do not create real change.


This workshop provides a forum and a dynamic process for exploring the root cause of complex issues. This seminar provides one of the most effective ways to implement changes in your organization.



Make The Most Out
Of Your Time!


In this age of complexity, the scarcest commodity of all is time. We all need and want more of it. But how do we go about getting it?

Most people know about good time management - why then do few people practice it?



The Ultimate Train
The Trainer




The Entertrainer's Boot Camp


The Entertrainer's Boot Camp!™ seminar is the only Train–the-Trainer program you will ever need in order to get your Training or Speaking Career propelled into the future!



Market Yourself



This is a hands-on workshop designed specifically for trainers and authors.


Discover how to promote your seminars & how to effortlessly write & publish a book on your topic. Increase your credibility by having a published book. (It's a lot easier than you think).



How To Be The Best
Teacher Ever




Teachers Make the Difference!™

Teachers Make the Difference!™ is an entertaining and powerful seminar that will help teachers focus on and rejoice in the best parts of the teaching profession and their own special contributions to it.





Relationship Fuel is an incredible personal journey of self-discovery and learning that will enable you to truly connect with the most important people in your life -- including spouses, children, friends and even co-workers.






Emotional Fitness™


This is a hands-on workshop designed to increase your confidence and explore your self-development in an incredible, concentrated 1˝ days of intense and fun learning.




Intrigued by the title of this seminar? 

I know this concept is hard to believe, but YES, it's possible to make money while you sleep, take a bath or while sipping piña colada while soaking up the sun on the beach!




Internet Marketing


Online Marketing and Offline Marketing are 2 very different animals! Only a few individuals and corporations use the web to it's full capacity the rest unknowingly are leaving a lot of money on the table! If you want to profit from the incredible opportunity the Internet represents you MUST participate in this seminar!



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